ThoughtWorks is a leading global technology consultancy, renowned for their long-time practice of Agile and Lean principles in software development, plus advocating for diversity and social justice.

Being a ThoughtWorker

I joined ThoughtWorks as a Senior Experience Designer in 2017. Since recruitment and day one, I met an incredible group of technologists from the most diverse backgrounds who guided me in exploring new career paths and contributed a lot to my personal development.

Being a member of such high-performing teams employing Lean and Agile methods was not only a challenging experience, but also a powerful one, as it enabled me to realize the impact my work had in bringing value and transformation to business.

ThoughtWorks Design Workshop
Design workshop facilitation for a client, in which we helped them planning an MVP.

As a ThoughtWorker, I was also encouraged to develop soft skills such as facilitation, communication, influencing and mentoring. On several occasions, I was a champion of team retros, a workshop facilitator, a sponsor for new hires or a showcase presenter.

Design at ThoughtWorks

As a consultant working for a wide range of clients, I had the opportunity to perform several design skills within different business contexts and domains. As part of a community of designers known as Design Studio, I was able to collaborate in projects that varied from product discovery and user research to interface design for native mobile apps, conducting usability tests and front-end development for responsive websites.

React app (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

This project for a renowned multinational company was the most challenging and rewarding during my experience at ThoughtWorks. Initially, the team had only four members and, still, we managed to deliver an MVP within three months. The platform, built with React, replaced an existing internal process which was made manually, and the first release had an enormous impact on the client's culture, bringing more agility and transparency to their processes.

React app wireframe
The basic wireframe structure for the React app platform.

Throughout continuous delivery cycles, the platform incrementally evolved by analyzing and responding to users' feedback and business KPIs. With the team growing remotely between São Paulo and New York, the project became a successful case for the account. From the very beginning, I led the entire design process, doing user research and testing with wireframes, prototyping, responsive user interface, interaction design, and stakeholder management. This was also my first experience with React, in which I started to pair with developers and code components and templates.

Research project (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

In this research project I visited six different towns around São Paulo to interview users and potential customers for our client. The interview script had been previously drawn up in the office, based on hypotheses concerning business and users’ needs. Having formalized it into a set of questions and tests, we then validated our premises during the visits and explored users’ pain points so as to come up with solutions and business opportunities for our client.

Research project map
We visited six different towns near São Paulo to interview users.

Stakeholders engaged well throughout the interviews, sharing their vision and KPIs. At first, the insights were added to the team's product roadmap, in which new features and solutions were developed during sprints, and then measured and iterated by metrics analysis.

Native App project (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Refactoring legacy code is not an easy job. This project offered many challenges when it comes to fixing bugs and usability improvements of the overall user experience in an existing app. My role here was to apply a new visual identity for two different apps, for both iOS and Android.

Native app user flow
User flows and navigation mapping for native app project.

The main challenge encountered was to adapt native components and elements into a consistent visual and user experience between separate code bases, and yet align them across multi-channels. Teaming up with an UX designer who assisted me in user research, product and interaction design, we managed to deliver an improved experience and a new set of features that yielded very positive results to the client’s KPIs.