São Silvestre

São Silvestre

São Silvestre is the longest and most popular marathon in Brazil. It happens annually every New Year’s Eve, in São Paulo, gathering athletes from all over the world. The marathon is one of the most important and profitable public events in the city.

The client

Gazeta Esportiva is known as the most traditional sports TV show and news website amongst brazilian sports fans. The media group is responsible for the event’s production and promotion. From 2015 to 2017, I worked as a Consultant Designer for their web and technology department.

The problem

São Silvestre had an outdated website with a quite confusing navigation, not to mention a whole set of performance issues caused by different servers and code bases that were used apart from Gazeta’s main website. Whenever required, the updates demanded a counterproductive effort, and maintenance was extremely time-consuming.

São Silvestre

The solution

Redesigning the navigation made it easier for users to find the information they wanted. After we migrated São Silvestre’s code base to Gazeta Esportiva, it not only made the updates simpler and faster, but also enabled us to use Gazeta’s articles, photo and video galleries as a source of content.

São Silvestre São Silvestre

My role as a designer

I was involved in the process from the very beginning: from stakeholder facilitation, scope definition and prioritization, to user experience and responsive interface design, along with desk checks with developers until final implementation.

São Silvestre