Alongside design, music is one of my great passions. I love it all: artists, bands, producers, records, DJs, media formats. The music industry has drastically changed since the advent of the World Wide Web. Our behaviour when it comes to listening, exploring and consuming music has also been deeply transformed, as our life has become an ever-more online one.

Ma quale idea?

Ma Quale Idea

There was a time in which I was really into electronic music and I listened to a variety of online radio shows and podcasts. I also knew some DJs from São Paulo, whose live performances I used to attend. By the end of 2008, when I found myself in a regular, boring job, I came up with the idea of inviting such artists to collaborate with podcasts and DJ sets to be gathered in a single online platform that could be thematic and brand-sponsored all at once.

One of the playlists which I made in early 2009, that triggered me the idea for deepbeep.

That is how deepbeep came to being. I came up with such name inspired by genres of electronic music that I particularly like, such as deep house and techno, and also as a reference to random electronic bleepy sounds. I then invited a couple of friends to help me set up and run the business: one of them was an advertiser, the other was a journalist and a PR professional. We started out with a simple WordPress blog and made our debut in early 2009.

Start me up

Start Me Up

The first collaborations having been defined, it seemed to us that a valuable business model was beginning to shape up. Back in 2009, startups models were very incipient in Brazil; smartphones and MP3 players were only making their appearance; podcasts were already very popular. Flash was then heavily employed as a media player in websites, just before Apple killed it. Responsive design, however, was still in its early days. We only needed a blog to publish content and a media player to provide and stream our portfolio of podcasts.

An early ad for Vice magazine, with our first slogan, "music to go".

At first, we promoted a local community of DJs, musicians and some club parties to cultivate a small user base. With a long list of artists to invite, our first product was ready: a thematic, pre-recorded podcast, baptized deepbeep series, to be released every week. We then realized that we needed to keep users constantly engaged by sharing content and spreading the word in social media. That is how our second product was released: deepbeep live used to be recorded at the best parties and night clubs.

Talk Talk

Talk Talk

In a couple of months we got our first advertiser. Cadbury Halls commissioned a customized page and media player to release an exclusive collaboration with Carl Cox, one of the biggest and most important DJs ever. As a result, innumerous artists started contacting us to ask to participate. Not only DJs but also a wide range of musicians and bands were eager to share the hype. For this new segment, which would also include journalists, influencers, cultural and music producers, we created a third product, called deepbeep mixtape.

After that, brands and ad agencies started to show up asking for commissions and collaborations. Nike sponsored a series of podcasts especially crafted for urban sportists. Samsung produced sunset parties with live transmissions, which allowed us to define our mobile presence. Itaú Uniclass, Brazil’s biggest bank, comissioned an exclusive channel with thematic podcasts to be enjoyed by their clients while cooking, dating, sleeping, working...

A design for life

A Design For Life

The name deepbeep sounded catchy and somewhat musical, not to mention that it had a significant visual appeal, which made the logo and visual identity design a pleasant and satisfying task for me. I was altogether inspired by music references, and the name that I came up with was full of internet references such as emoticons d-.-b and computer sounds.

Right from the start, I was in charge of the art direction and design, from web to graphic. I also worked as a photographer during the early releases, besides being responsible for most part of tech business, like our web development and database management.

deepbeep deepbeep

Logotype, icon and sub-logo examples

Player specs




Color Palette

Color palette

Say hello, wave goodbye

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

I left deepbeep in 2012, after 3 years of hard, exhausting work and double shifts, but also carrying with me the meaningful moments and the unforgettable experiences I never imagined I would have. I had the chance to meet artists that I deeply admire, and it was, professionally speaking, my first experience as an entrepeneur. While the business headed into a direction of events production and sunset parties (which still exist to this day), my professional carreer followed a different path. What remains are good memories and a proud sense of fulfilment and job done.