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Cursos Livres

The team behind Faculdade Cásper Líbero's web department was offered the challenge to come up with an affordable solution to make an e-commerce platform into a viable product. Short budget and tight deadlines come across as quite typical, don’t they?

The client

Faculdade Cásper Líbero is a major brazilian university, renowned for its communication and journalism faculties. From 2015 to 2017, I worked there as a Consultant Designer for their web and IT department.

The problem

At that time, the university had the need to expand their online presence by selling courses, programs and workshops. Some consultancies offered their solutions for web stores, which turned out to be expensive, and would probably take a considerably long time to be customized and implemented.

Searching for solutions

After a few meetings, I suggested WooCommerce: a free plugin that transforms WordPress websites into professional web stores. It is customizable, extendable, adaptable and, what is more, open source.


All Cásper Líbero websites already used WordPress, which fortunately shortened our learning curve. The business and development teams had plenty of time to understand how the plugin worked, and our previous knowledge gave us leverage to design, develop and test the best solution according to the deadline.

My role as a designer

In over a decade of experience, this was my first e-commerce project, a great challenge for me. I took some time to research and understand how a web store works. As a designer, understanding the users personas, and designing their journeys and flows, were some of my most important tasks.

Cursos Livres Cursos Livres Cursos Livres

We chose a WooCommerce theme for the first release, so, in terms of visual design, I customized the existing UI elements directly in the CSS (color, typography, buttons, forms and alerts) and designed new custom components to conform to the brand guidelines. The theme chosen helped me understand the behavioural patterns behind online shopping, besides providing a fully responsive interface.

Cursos Livres

The outcome

The store was launched within the given deadline, featuring a credit card and additional payment integration, as well as course enrollment. Such features were probably the hardest thing to develop as we needed to carry out test in a development environment. In the end, everything went perfectly well.

Cursos Livres Cursos Livres

Product owners and managers — especially from administration, finance and marketing — were really happy with the outcome. It allowed them to integrate their workflows and to communicate better. As a result, student enrollment increased significantly in the months following the release.

Cursos Livres Cursos Livres Cursos Livres